Albayzín Evaluations

Spanish thematic network on speech technologies (RRTH)

Organized since 2006 and supported by the Spanish Thematic Network on Speech Technologies (Red Temática en Tecnologías del Habla, RTTH), Albayzin is a series of technological evaluations open to the scientific community in order to propose challenges and datasets to work with in different fields of the broad area of speech technologies. The Albayzín evaluations are a satellite event of the IberSPEECH conference organized every 2 years.
The IberSPEECH conference is a meeting point to present and discuss the results of the research on speech and language technologies on Iberian languages and promoting industry/university collaboration.

Previous IberSPEECH

  • IberSpeech 2012, Madrid (website)
  • IberSpeech 2014, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (website)
  • IberSpeech 2016, Lisbon (website)
  • IberSpeech 2018, Barcelona (website)
We are glad to announce a new Albayzin evaluation challenge to be held at the IberSPEECH 2020 in Valladolid (November 18-20, 2020).